Commonly in engineering, every pipe that flow either liquid or gas has to conduct leak test. We divide some responsibilities through leak test.

  • Company shall witness and make punch list activity. They give approval and comment if get any discrepancies.
  • Contractor shall coordinate line check, punch during Leak test from preparation until execution phase. Directly make order to sub-contractor to take action as long as installation of pipe meets the specification.
  • Sub contractor shall execute punch list repair activity, prepare tools to reach close all comments from owner.
  • Vendor, in case we conduct leak test use N2, so vendor has to provide Vessel of N2, hose connection, manifold, pressure indicator, pressure test pump, valve, gas evaporator, filter, fitting, and flushing equipment. Check leakage.

Every pressure must monitor and certified as specification from company.

Before leak test will be conducted, considered things are safety and environment. (crew has to use coverall, safety helmet, glasses, glove, ear plug and portable gas detector). Environment notice about surrounded area may accident in there. so list of chemical spill possibility, source of leaks, and so on. Please consider about blow down valve and do not vent for gas hydrocarbon through atmosphere.

Contractor has to consider about spool and connection and also margin of length. screw of flange! I mind if screw has put cap and another flange and blind flange as portable line stop. different case that i follow tproject. we delete flange on nozzle connection of tank due to flange can’t access if any leakage may occur. and connection has to change with butt weld. Owner did wants to put inside flange in in-deck tank. since the line mention in line list has test pressure but since the line has no pressure (drain), we can carry out leak test with margin length of pipe and weld with blind flange, after it we can delete and make clean the edge of pipe.

Inert Gas Generator, from the name we already known that it is gas to inert on tank. I used this package to prevent explosion on fuel tank. I suppose that Watsilla and Alfa Laval are leading tech on this kind package. As statutory rule and standard, we have to prevent Oxygen contain over 8 % on fuel/oil tank. It is relate with flammable mixture limit. As we know about triangle combustion, vary component such as fuel, oxygen and ignition. A mixture of hydrocarbon gas and air cannot ignite, unless its composition lies within a range of gas-in-air concentrations known as the flammable range. Line A-B that have slope is limit without inert gas, and left line like a curve is line after added inert gas. 


Commonly, on offshore project, IGG perform sea water to reduce heat of inert gas after combustion process, and to collect dangerous gas such as NOx and SOx, IGG put Scrubber on top of tank. Fresh water purge wall to prevent corrosion. Before through inside IGG, those fluid will pass on Duplex basket filter, kind of filter that use micro mesh. Fresh air and fuel gas to conduct combustion and nitrogen gas to flash from any accident that may happen. PSV are applied on fresh air and fuel gas to make safety process with set point as by pass from IGG. PV Breaker or pressure vacuum breaker applied on line of gas output. PV Breaker use hydrostatic pressure method.  Kind of safety component to maintain pressure and if it failure inert gas will through out from line by PB Breaker. 

 Schema in IGG (http://marinesite.blogspot.com/2013/06/inert-gas-systemig-systems.html)

Beside preventive on fuel/oil tank explosion, Inert gas can perform to decline condensate oxygen on fuel tank, so that we can ignore condensate that collect on top of tank, then fall and mixture with fuel. Because it can disturb engine combustion  if fuel already contained water. Air on tank has humidity, humidity is water contain in air. During some condition water will adhere on top of tank. and may collect and drop into fuel. 

Please kindly read bellow statutory standard from Canada regarding IGG 

Standard for Inert Gas System – Transports Canada

Before we talk about open drain system, lets discuss first about FPSO and Fix Platform. Since two of kind offshore structure have different on it, but not totally change on concept. Actually, FPSO or Floating Production Storage Offloading is ship that has top side module to process oil from sea bed through riser. Other word, FPSO has characteristic as ship let me say it has trim by default of ship. And Opposite with Fix Platform, Fix platform regardless trim on it’s building. bellow picture is sample of trimmer on ship. 

And what is drain? As we know, drain is line to capture water on deck and will coalesce into header and throw out of ship (if it is just water). But in process system, not only in oil and gas side, drain segregate into 2 kind, Open drain and Close drain. The main different is fluid contain, for open drain may be just water (or little of bit oil contain on water) and pressureless on it. and close drain my be contain oil, water, gas and has pressure. Due to different principle on function, open drain and close drain has different header. Actually, both of  drain have to use slope and it is mandatory. Although close drain has pressure. Even in hazardous and non hazardous area, two of drains have same application. 

From clue issues, open drain has rodding point tundish, open drain box, header, slope. and for close drain without tundish, and open drain box also use rodding point like blind flange for some spot whose advance parameter. 

Let me back application on FPSO and Fix Platform. Slope is how many length of pipe route and will bu down if the number already reached. In math we say gradient, so every slope will have same angle. Slope that capture on P&ID is minimum value. Slope indicate with 100 : 1, 50 : 1, and so on. 100 mm route of pipe, has decrease height 1 mm. Because FPSO has slope, pipe slope on it will different especially the number of slope that opposite position with slope of ship, the number will be bigger, for example by default has 100 : 1, so after we change position, it will be 50 : 1. Different with fix platform, fix platform has typical slope on close or open drain.

Rodding Point : 

Rodding Point has function to clean any blocking on the line. For open drain, rodding point used to drain liquid that trap on deck. Why it has circle of shape? my fooling answer, if we open the cover, and we are careless and wrong place of cover, the cover don’t throw on pipe, because any position of cover can’t make it fall into the header, ignore it. Just joke……

Rodding point on Open Drain

Rodding point on Close Drain


Tundish is piping component to prevent flow, on offshore system, generally, tundish is applied on top of deck and pipe will be higher min 50 mm, slightly like reducer. Tundish can be rodding point, so if any liquid trap on deck we can flow it into tundish.   

Open Drain Box 

Bellow sample of open drain box on street.

And the important of close drain. Close drain prevent any leak from vicinity. it means close drain will connect flange to flange. Especially from process equipment. Any liquid that indicate with free drain on P&ID, if any pocket on routing and we can’t ignore it, after process allow to use pocket, we need to provide drain. It just flange, valve and hose connection. The header on edge used to connect flashing connection, same with drain but on high point of header. So we can purge on that line well if any blocking on it. 


Knock Out Drum

Knock Out Drum or KO drum, this equipment is very important through oil and gas system. KO drum used to place before flare system. Slightly this package look like pressure vessel that lay on horizontal position. Main idea on KO drum is gravitation on each fluid into it. Using wall inside as border but not fully close area (like a weir). Let me introduce first regarding KO Drum system. Oil that may contain water, heavy oil, condensate,and gas. Oil will flow into KO Drum to segregate them. Inside KO drum needs heater, and it was provided by hot water form Heating Medium Header. Generally, on FPSO layout, HMH are placed on alone module, but it isn’t far away from Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU). To imaging WHRU, we can look turbocharge on engine, but it will replaced with heat exchanger through outlet gas which output combustion system. Like shell and tube on that connection, but tube is line of exhaust  engine. And shell is small tubes that contain water. After get the heat, water will be used with another packages that need low temperature. Some of them will flow into Heating Medium Heater (HMH). Why we have to use normal water? Actually, we can use water whose normal temperature, but to reach high efficiency, we must use water after absorb heat from WHRU. One of user of those heating water is KO Drum. Actually, if we ignore temperature on line which contain crude oil, it will be big problem for engineer. Since the pipe will block due to wax happen. I already involved on Production Drilling Quarter, in the project indicate that crude oil through KO Drum will be maintain around 40 deg C, even when it is heavy weather. Bellow pic is sample of wax on pipe, please look up bellow link to deeply understand and I got the pic on the link. Let me mention the listening about it, Oil depends on temperature, temperature will effect on viscosity, it means if oil flow with heat tracing on boundary, it will velocity constant. but if it decrease temperature, so average velocity on cross section of pipe will decrease too, and as we know that on edge profile velocity has zero value, so wax layer tend happen on closest of pipe. (WAX LINK)

Oke, back to KO Drum, bellow visualization of KO Drum. Let me try explain bellow figure. After oil inlet in KO Drum, since gravitation, it will separate each others. water will flow on close drain system, oil out after reach a weir inside KO Drum. and gas will out in above nozzle whose Pressure Control Valve to hinder gas entrainment on bellow nozzle (water, oil or both). Some of model use electrostatic on it to coalesce droplet of water into bottom of vessel.

On gas section, before kick from KO Drum, they will allow on mist eliminator. Gas will be routed on many edge to exit from it. The mechanism has many momentum to tend separate water contain. After droplet happened, they will marge and with gravitation,it will drain into vessel again. Mesh parameter can enhance quality of separation.

Sometimes, it will be ambigou if we meet with Slug Cather. Maybe, in my  understanding it has same fundamental, but another purpose. Slug Cather is provide on system (generally on riser system), to hinder slug flow conducted on line. Since it can be big impact if it happen. Slug flow related with water hammer impact. gas expedite velocity above water, and wives continuously can reach top of pipe whose have momentum if impact with elbow, Tee, and so on.



Alhamdulillah kita masih diberi kesempatan Allah SWT untuk menikmati bulan yang paling mulai dimana pahala berlipat ganda pada tahun ini, ya bulan Ramadhan. Bulang yang paling ditunggu umat muslim. Ada sebuah kisah menarik dari Lauren Booth ketika menjadi pembicara di Makan Malam Tahunan Pendukung Islamic Circle of North America pada 3 April 2011 yang dapat dilihat di youtube. Pada acara tersebut beliau memaparkan pengalamannya ketika hijrah kejalan Allah SWT, Islam, yang diawali dengan perjalanan pembuktian media massa tentang informasi di Palestina karena beliau adalah wartawan di Amerika yang sekarang menjadi aktivis HAM untuk Palestina. Awal yang berat ketika masuk ke Jalur Gaza, Palestina, karena penjagaan yang sangat ketat oleh tentara Israel. Sampai akhirnya beliau “terpenjara” di Jalur Gaza selama 21 hari. Suatu malam beliau berada di pengungsi Rafah dan diundang berbuka puasa saat bulan Ramadhan oleh salah satu keluarga yang sederhana disana, beliau menceritakan bahwa keluarga tersebut sangat sederhana dengan ruang berdinding semen, selembar tikar, 16 alas tidur kumal di dinding untuk 16 anggota keluarga namun sang ibu pemilik rumah menyambut Lauren dengan ramah dan senyum lebar diwajahnya seolah-oleh sang ibu mengajaknya ke istana dan punya segalanya untuk Lauren. Dalam benaknya Lauren sangat marah pada Tuhan umat Islam yang menuntut orang lapar untuk berpuasa. Kemudian Lauren bertanya “Tanpa bermaksud kurang sopan, tapi saya merasa marah melihat kalian berjuang tidak makan,minum sejak subuh sementara yang kaliang miliki begitu sedikit di Gaza, Mengapa Tuhanmu minta kalian puasa di bulan Ramadhan?dia pasti kejam dan tidak waras”. Sang ibu memandang Lauren dengan tidak marah bahkan tersenyum dan menjawab, “Anakku, Allah SWT dan Rosul-Nya meminta kami berpuasa agar ingat orang miskin”. SubhanAllah di kamp pengungsi di Jalur Gaza dalam bulan Ramadhan, mereka berpuasa untuk mengingat orang miskin. Saat itulah hidayah datang dan beliau terharu,tersadar bahkan sampai sekarang  kalau Islam, kasihnya, kemurahannya, kemampuan merasakan kebahagiaan di tengah penderitaan, maka Laurenpun masuk Islam dengan sepenuh hati. Kisah yang menarik untuk menfitrahkan hati kita tentang substansial dan alasan kenapa kita harus berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan. Mari kita persiapkan niat, hati, jasad untuk memaksimalkan Bulan Suci Ramadhan tahun ini seolah-oleh tahun ini kita terakhir kalinya menikmati indhanya sajian Allah SWT di bulan Ramadhan.

Each refrigerant has different properties even same temperature saturation. But sometimes when we use other refrigerant, there is refrigerant has unique properties, may properties change when pressure constant but temperature different. That refrigerant is zeotropic. Generally refrigerant consists of 3 kind refrigerant. The first is pure refrigerant, the second is zeotropic and the last is azeotropic. Pure refrigerant usually consists of at least one fluid, for example R-22, R-134a, and so on. But pure refrigerant has related tightly with other fluid. Different with zeotropic refrigerant. That refrigerant is mixture refrigerant that has composition among liquid and vapor depends on temperature even pressure constant. In contrast, azeotropic may have same content with zeotropic but different composition. azeotropic has unique effect, liquid and vapor strictly change without different composition on pressure constant and a point of temperature.


Figure above that alternative refrigerant from Bitzer introduce us about pure refrigerant.


Figure above about zeotropic refrigerant and azeotropic in small picture on composition and temperature with pressure constant.

Actually the kinds of refrigerant effect on their thermodynamic properties and heat transfer.  When refrigerant mixture is zeotropic, on pressure constant, value temperature is called gliding temperature. In general saturation temperature is temperature when fluid change of phase, but in here, temperature also changed when phase changed too in along of heat exchanger.



Case Study



Mol n-butane = 0.6

Mol n-heptane = 0.4

Pressure 700kPa

How many vapor produce from 1 mol as input, if mol butane result 0.8



1 mol consists

0.33 x  mol in liquid + 0.8 x (1-mol inliquid) = 1 mol x 0.6

0.33x + 0.8 – 0.8x = 0.6

0.2 = 0.47 x

x = 0.425 ==> Mol in liquid

Mol in vapor = 1-0.425 = 0.575

Heat exchanger is main equipment in thermal system. As we know, energy is related by heat for any condition. For example power plant with gas turbine. Getting bigger power proportional with higher temperature working in system. Heat affect temperature, when something of spot has different temperature, so that heat flow from higher temperature thought lower temperature. When we produce heat such as from combustion, the problem we must convert that vapor of fluid from liquid condition.  Heat is function of conductivity thermal, different temperature, cross area, thickness, coefficient convective. and if we say convective, other function include on proses such as velocity, fluid, hydraulic diameter, heater, and temperature of fluid.

Heat exchanger can be achieved with two method, the first just different of temperature and the second include changes of phase. In general heat exchanger just with through heat by temperature without change of phase,if any different temperature, it exactly change heat to equilibrium of thermal. And process which include change of phase is called by evaporation and condensation. Evaporation is process to accept heat that makes change of  phase form liquid through vapor and effect form this process is cooling for other fluid because throw heat to evaporate of other fluid. In contrast, condensation is opposite of evaporation that work for throw heat and makes fluid from vapor become liquid.

The benefit if we play phase for heat exchanger because we don’t increase of temperature to get bigger energy through on system. Because that relate with enthalphy of fluid which function of phase and temperature. And process can be better if convection process is high, maybe with enhance pipe with similiar roughness, so that makes fluid be turbulent early enter the pipe.


Figure above depict temperature of fluid in and out of heat exchanger.  This figure form Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer by Incropere et al. Picture (a) is heat exchanger with condensing vapor to liquid, other fluid increase temperature because accept heat. Picture (b) is heat exchanger with evaporating fluid from liquid through vapor. and picture (c) is normal heat transfer which change temperature to flow of heat.


Case Study about Heat Exchanger



How many temperature inlet and outlet for fluid that don’t evaporation

Temperature Evaporator 5oC or278 K

  • Heat of Heat Exchanger 50 kW
  • UA equipment of  exchanger 12 kW/K
  • w.cp from fluid will be cooled 8 kW/K


Q = w.cp.dT

dT = Q / (w.cp)

To-Ti = -50/8 = -6.25                       Equation I

negative value is direction of heat that is absorbed by evaporator and it is mean other fluid is cooled (Ti > To)

To-Ti = (Te-Ti)(1-e^(-UA/(w.cp)))

To-Ti = (278-Ti)(1-e^(-12/(8)))

To-0.22Ti=216.84                               Equation II

Elimination of Equation I and II

To-Ti = -6.25



Ti = 13.01 C

To = 6.76 C

So that, in cooling process uses heat exchanger with evaporation process as cooling media get temperature inlet around 13.01 C and outlet 6.76 C, and constrain temperature evaporator is 5 C



t1,o = to = ?

q = 500 W/m2

h1 = 45 W/m2.K, h2 = 12 W/m2.K

A = 1m . x = x (m)

t1,i = ti = ambient temperature = 15oC

w = 0,02 kg/s, cp = 1000 J/(kg.K)


to = ti + (tc – ti)(1 – e-UA/wcp)

Δtc = q/U = 500/9,47 = 52,8oC

tc = 52,8 +15 = 67,8oC

So that, to = 15 + (67,8 – 15)(1 – e-9,47.x/0,02.1000)

to = 15 + 52,8 (1 – e-x/2,11)

Sistem yang akan diterapkan adalah sistem open tander, karena dengan sistem ini akan didapatkan harga yang kompetitif dan produk yang terbaik. Dalam rencana pembuatan akan dipilih salah satu konsultan yang cukup kompeten, sehingga dapat membuat gambar dan menjadi pengawas pembuatan kapal. Badan Klasifikasi yang akan digunakan adalah ganda yaitu dari BKI, karena peraturan dari pemerintah yang mewajibkan kapal berklass dari BKI dan Llyod Register karena mempunyai jam terbang yang sangat tinggi.


Rencana Skema Alur Pemesanan Kapal

It’s say about optimization, and that differ with maximum. sometimes max value is better than minimum and sometimes other condition. so, what is optimization? Optimization is value who have the best value with constraint many parameter. The term of optimization are many system include on mainstream consideration, and the output of optimization is advantage suggestions and optimization relate economic of system as destination. System is batch of components are related for a purpose. For example is compressor and air conditioning equipment, compressor on air conditioning as component although itself have system for working, others word system consist of many systems who relate on a purpose main system like air conditioning.

Refrigeration System (air conditioning)

Now, we have 2 main word on previous paragraph, and the last word for relating is energy, energy in common say about thermal and fluid. Energy can produce equal with cost, so we must make system energy efficiently and cheaply.  In optimization we say characteristic of working system, in engineering numeric and drawing are language on competence, the characteristic of system depict numerically. Can you imagine how many system on electrical generate system? cooling system, thermal system, transport system, turbine, electrical system, etc. every component that have characteristic on thermal and fluid write with equation. The equations are built with their  parameter depends on system’s performance. maybe that’s can source from temperature, rh, ph, pressure, etc. And the important is economic for every system’s performance, so equation constrain on economic and thermal, fluid system performance. the all of equations are collected and calculated together with iteration method. Iteration method can use many procedure, such as jacobi, gauss-seidel. successice over relaxation.  we have to make simulation on their consideration, and how to make simple procedure is using modelling from numerical computation like matlab, fotran, visual basic, etc. It’s very reduce time working if we can aware with computation. On numerical we can make constrain with other parameter. And output is composition of the best value (optimization) with every system related. The challenges of the knowledge are

  1. Understand about system’s process
  2. Aware for building equation with their consideration
  3. Economic condition
  4. Computation models

It’s very interesting and advantage because we can saving more money after optimization of energy system.

Coal Power Plant


Today i got amazing experience for followed promotion Dr.Muhammad Yulianto, he was graduate from Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Indonesia. his topic about freeze vacuum drying on aloevera and jelly fish. Under promotor Dr. Ir. M. Idrus Alhamid, co-promotor are Dr.-Ing.  Ir. Nasruddin, M.Eng., and Dr.Ir. Engkos A. Kosasih, MT. They are lecturer in Mechanical Engineering University of Indonesia. But now i want to share about my opinion about him. And now will call Mas Yul with Dr. Yul in my essay. I jointed  on Refrigeration Laboratory on Sept 2011. i known Dr Yull when i was losing connector for compressor. Dr Yul got be angry with because that connector, the impact the all system can’t run to take data. Alhamdulillah that day i founded that connector. After that accident i more close with Dr Yul. Dr Yul is kindly person, something i shared my problem and discuss about my final assignment. Oya, my supervisor is Dr. Agus Pamitran, ST. M.Eng and my research about ice slurry. Physically, he is very big person,he…but the amazing he very diligent to make instrumentation for get his data. if i am not wrong Dr yul has finished 4 instrument freeze vacuum drying and his instrument he made himself with co-work.    When i shared about my story and my confused, i feel he has empowering statement, so i ask about his story, and obviously i appreciate about his motto to get doctor degree and his time line. Subhanaallah, his motto make my ashamed if i lazy for finish my thesis. he was graduate from Bandung State Polytechnic for diploma, end then continue for bachelor in Lampung Muhammadiyah University, he got master degree in Trisakti University and now graduated form University of Indonesia. he paid everything himself for education until Doctor program. and now he lecturer in IPB. I hope we (read refrigeration member) can take your experience and your story to briefly our life to continue our study. Thank you Dr Yul, congratulation for your achievement and  hold out your research even can huge improvement.

Courtesy of Dr Yul (his facebook picture), Dr Yul answer the questions, behind him are master student under supervisor Dr.-Ing.  Ir. Nasruddin, M.Eng. (frim right Fitra and Deni)

Beaufort Number


Saat akad nikah : “aku terima nikah nya si dia binti ayah si dia dgn Mas kawin…….”

Singkat, padat, dan jelas. Tapi tahukah makna dalam “perjanjian/ikrar” tersebut?

“Maka aku tanggung dosa-dosanya si dia dari orang tua nya, dosa apa saja yg telah dia lakukan dari tidak menutup aurat hingga meninggalkan sholat. Semua yg berhubungan dengan si dia, aku tanggung dan bukan lagi orang tua nya yang menanggung, serta akan aku tanggung semua dosa calon anak-anakku”.
Jika aku GAGAL?
“Maka aku adalah suami yang fasik, ingkar, dan rela masuk neraka, aku rela malaikat menyiksaku hingga hancur tubuhku” (HR. Muslim).
Duhai para istri,
Begitu berat nya pengorbanan suami mu terhadapmu..
Karena saat Ijab terucap,
Arsy-Nya berguncang karena beratnya perjanjian yg dibuat oleh manusia di depan RABB nya,
Dengan disaksikan para malaikat dan manusia,
maka andai saja kau menghisap darah dan nanah dari hidung suamimu,
maka itu pun belum cukup untuk menebus semua pengorbanan suami kepadamu.

by : Kisah Inspirasi Islam

Pada kesempatan ini, saya ingin berbagi pengalaman tentang kuliah di UI, kebetulan saya masuk UI jurusan Teknik Perkapalan. Di UI sendiri Teknik Perkapalan masuk dalam Departeman Teknik Mesin bersama dengan Teknik Mesin. Saya orang biasa saja secara akademik namun Alhamdulillah oleh Allah SWT diberi kesempatan dan kepercayaan untuk merasakan serta menimba ilmu di Teknik Perkapalan UI. Awal memilih jurusan pasti teman-teman bingung begitu juga saya kemarin, bahkan saya memutuskan memilih jurusan Teknik Perkapalan sebagai pilihan kedua dengan pilihan pertama Teknik Industri sebelum mengumpulkan berkas untuk UMB di Yogya (kemarin namanya UMB sebelum adanya SIMAK). Alhamdulillah saya dapat diterima di UI dengan jurusan Teknik Perkapalan. Tidak ada hal yang sia-sia, Allah SWT pasti memberikan terbaik untuk kita asal kita berusaha dengan sungguh-sungguh serta tawakal. Awalnya saya merasa kurang cocok dengan jurusan ini mengingat secara peminatan Teknik Perkapalan terbaik berada di ITS. Namun dengan modal dan mindset seperti dijelaskan sebelumnya (tulisan di-bold), saya memantapkan niat untuk mencari ilmu disini, saya merasa dosen di Teknik Perkapalan UI juga jago serta banyak yang ber-title doctor dari luar negeri, kemudian kurikulum yang diajarkan juga hampir sama dengan universitas yang lain. Sehingga sejak masuk kuliah saya telah memposisikan diri untuk berkompetisi dengan mahasiswa teknik perkapalan dari MIT (US), dan TU Delft (Holland) dengan begitu saya merasa percaya diri dalam menuntut ilmu bertambah dan kerja keras saya harus ditingkatkan untuk minimal menyamai dengan mereka bahkan bisa melebihi kwalitas output dari teman-teman di negara lain. Dengan mindset seperti ini saya tidak merasa minder dengan teman-teman yang lain, karena hal ini yang terkadang menjadi “momok” bagi teman-teman yang kuliah di universitas dan jurusan yang menurut mereka kurang difavoritkan. Coba bayangin kalau dengan sistem dan cara dari instansi pendidikan yang kurang maksimal namun kita dapat memaksimalkan kemampuan kita sehingga akhirnya mempunyai output minimal sama dengan teman-teman dari sistem dan cara yang ideal, bukankah kita akan lebih berkwalitas karena mempunyai proses yang lebih dalam. Imam Bukhori dalam setiap malam terbangun sebanyak 15 kali untuk belajar. Maka dari kata kuncinya adalah diri kita, bukan universitas, memang universitas yang favorit mengantarkan kesuksesan mahasiswa tapi perlu diingat itu bukan satu-satunya parameter, masih banyak parameter yang harus dipenuhi, masih ingat cerita Bill Gates pemilik Microsoft yang “Drop Out”? Intinya Allah SWT tidak akan mengubah suatu kaum (dalam hal ini individu) sebelum kaum tersebut mengubah dirinya sendiri, Allah SWT pasti adil dalam membagi rezeki asal ketentuan dan syarat-Nya berlaku.

Di kuliah saya dapat belajar tentang filosofi hidup apalagi setelah ikut organisasi, Imam Syafi’I menganjurkan untuk merantau, dan saya merasakan manfaatnya ketika saya tinggal di Depok. Mulai dari komunikasi dengan teman-teman di seluruh Indonesia, bahkan luar negeri, mengajar les privat dengan salary rata-rata Rp 150.000/sesi (di sini menjadi pengajar privat rata-rata pendapatan sekitar segitu persesi selama 1.5-2 jam, seminggu minimal biasanya 2 kali, lumayan untuk jajan, pulsa, dll), ikut proyek dosen, magang di perusahaan, belajar entrepreneur, homesick karena kangen orang tua yang harus kita hadapi dan hal itu malah dapat menjadi motivasi kita kenapa kita berada disini, dll. Teman-teman mau pilih mana karena hidup hanya sebuah pilihan dengan banyak parameter serta variable, namun perlu diingat Hukum Newton ke-2 tentang aksi reaksi, karena semua terdapat konsekwensi yang harus kita pertanggung jawabkan. Untuk beasiswa di UI lumayan cukup banyak, lagi-lagi tergantung dari kita aktif tidaknya untuk hunting dan submit, biasanya kita akses beasiswa di mahasiswa.ui.ac.id. Alhamdulillah saya diberi kesempatan oleh Allah SWT untuk mendapatkan beasiswa tersebut, saya pernah mendapat beasiswa PPA/BBM ( Dikti), beasiswa Komatsu (Perusahaan alat berat asal Jepang), dan sekarang Beasiswa Unggulan dari Dikti untuk study lanjut di Teknik Mesin UI.

Alhamdulillah saya lulus pas 4 tahun di Teknik Perkapalan, kalau dilihat dari teman-teman seangkatan scope kerja mereka berbeda-beda, ada yang marine surveyor, surveyor di galangan, konsultan, offshore, service company offshore (contoh Halliburton,  Schlumberger, dll) bahkan ada yang di Bank.  Untuk kurikulum mungkin teman-teman bisa tanya di mbah google karena segala info terhimpun rapi disana tergantung kita mau cari apa tidak.

Saya sama seperti kalian kok, sama bingungnya dan mungkin lebih jago kalian dipelajaran jika di challenge, namun karena saya lebih dulu lahir maka saya punya pengalaman yang kebetulan lebih banyak. Oleh karena itu saya share pengalaman untuk teman-teman semoga dapat mengambil baiknya atau betulnya, betulnya dari semua ini semata-mata milik Allah SWT serta jika ada salahnya itu pasti salah saya, dan saya minta maaf jika ada perkataan yang kurang berkenan. Kalau boleh saran, rajin-rajinlah searching di google untuk scholarship. FYI scholarship di luar negeri untuk teman-teman SMA/SMK yang akan masuk S1 sangat banyak lo, seperti dari BII, Australia embassy, monbusho (Japan), Malaysia, dll. Serta jika ingin melanjutkan di dalam negeri ada beberapa beasiswa misalnya dari Dompet Dhuafa, Sumitomo, dll. Jika berkesempatan untuk melanjutkan kuliah di luar, why not? Karena kesempatan itu kita buat, bukan kita tunggu. Apa gunanya kapal berlabuh terlalu lama karena pada prinsipnya kapal dibuat untuk menerjang ombak. Make proud your family from now. Dan jangan lupa minta doa restu kedua orang tua kita. Saya doakan semoga teman-teman lancar dan minta doanya agar saya juga diberi kelancaran. Amin ya Rob. SEMANGAT


Helmi Dadang Ardiansyah

Teknik Perkapalan 2008/Teknik Mesin 2012



Press test

Press test merupakan pengujian kebocoran tangki dan pipa, menggunakan High Pressure Air. Pemerikasaan tanki pada penyambungan las di tiap-tiap sudut sambungan las dan pada bagian yang tersambung pada pipa, valve dan gasket. Pengujian ini menggunakan menggunakan tekanan berkisar antara 11 bar. Proses ini pula mengunakan bantuan berupa cairan sabun berbusa untuk mendeteksi kebocoran yang timbul di karenakan adanya udara yang keluar dari tangki dengan timbulnya gelembung busa sabun. Kemudian bila ada sambungan las yang tiba-tiba muncul gelembung busa maka bagian tersebut harus di tandai sebagai isyarat bahwa tempat tersebut harus di perbaiki. Dalam hal inilah QC yang berwenang memberikan tanda tersebut dengan memberikan tanda QC. Kegiatan press test biasanya dilakukan bersama oleh class dan dilaporkan untuk kegiatan selanjutnya.


  • Perlengkapan Material
  1. Marine chock
  2. Dinding pembendung (flexible damming, metal front dams, sealing compound, contact adhesive)
  3. Resin
  4. Pelumas
  5. Mesin bor portable pada operasi 200 rpm
  6. Blade untuk resin
  7. Thermometer permukaan
  8. Kaca mata dan Sarung tangan
  9. Pisau
  10. PRT-59 untuk membersihkan campuran blade dan spillage
  11. Heater apabila temperature baja dibawah 13 oC
  • Persiapan
  1. Mengecek kembali semua material
  2. Meletakkan resin dan hardener pada tempat bertemperatur 20 oC – 25 oC, persiapkan heater apabila diatas 15 oC
  3. Persiapkan material yang sesuai dengan ukuran holding down bolt dengan seakurat mungkin, agar membentuk ruangan untuk tempat bolt tersebut. Dapat menggunakan kayu atau armaflex tubing.
  4. Membersihkan area untuk marine chock dari oli, minyak, air, dan cat dalam kondisi jelek. Cat primer yang baik dapat diterima.
  • Damming (Pembendungan)
  1. Membuat area marine chock dan mengukur dimensinya.
  2. Memasukkan damming per sisi, dan memastikan pengganti isi holding down bolt.
  3. Penyemprotan dengan spray chock yang sesuai dengan rekomendasi pembuat marine chock yang digunakan.
  4. Memasukkan tackweld untuk penutup depan.
  5. Penyemprotan kembali bagian depan (penutup) dan bawah, serta memastikan tidak ada kebocoran dari damming yang dibentuk.


Pengukuran 2Pemasangan Damming 3

Spray Chock 4Tackweld

  • Mixing Dan Pouring (Pencampuran dan Penuangan)
  1. Menjamin damming telah selesai.
  2. Siapkan resin dan hardener.
  3. Pergunakan kaca mata dan sarung tangan.
  4. Campur resin dan hardener dengan ketentuan sesuai diagram, lalu dengan menggunakan power mix sekitar 200 rpm dan maksimal 500 rpm selama 3 detik. Baling-baling harus dari rekomendasi pembuat hardener.
  5. Tuang hasil campuran secepatnya dan jangan sampai keluar damming.

5Proses Pencampuran dan Penuangan

  • Pasca Penuangan
  1. Tunggu campuran marine chock sampai keras.
  2. Pastikan temperature minimum 13 oC dan dapat menggunakan heater jika perlu.
    1. 13 oC – 18 oC sekitar 48 jam
    2. 19 oC – 21 oC sekitar 24 jam
    3. Diatas 21 oC sekitar 18 jam
  3. Lepaskan heater jika dinilai telah keras.
  4. Lepaskan diding damming di depan.
  5. Lepaskan jack screw dan penunjang kelurusan.
  6. Masukkan lubang dengan holding down bolt lalu kencangkan.
  7. Masukkan alat pengukur jika terjadi kelurusan kritis.

6Sampel Marine chock (Chock Fast Orange)

Sampel dari marine chock berfungsi untuk pengujian Hardness barcol test bersama class. Dari pengujian ini dapat diketahui nilai dari hardnessnya dimana nilai ini menjelaskan kualitas campuran dan hasil dari marine chock. Nilai minimum untuk hardness barcol test adalah 35


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